Gas/Liquid Chromatography MS

Gas Liquid Chromatography MS

Liquid and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometers (LC/GC MS) are used for various types of testing including drug testing, environmental analysis, and molecular biology. Photonis manufactures custom detectors for a wide range of LC and GC mass spectrometers, including portable mass spectrometers.
If you have an LC/GC Mass Spectrometer you are trying to find a replacement detector for, download our OEM Replacement Guide. Photonis specializes in providing replacement detectors for a wide variety of machines, even if the system is no longer available.





Did you know that Photonis works with over half of the world’s leading mass spectrometer manufacturers to provide detectors exactly suited to their needs? For liquid and gas chromatography, our detectors are used to help multiply the input sample size in order to perform a more accurate analysis.
For example, our complete line of Channeltron® products are often used in LC/GC MS instruments due to their superior gain and ability to withstand high pressure environments (up to 10-3 Torr in some models).
Learn more by downloading our Analytical Instrument brochure.


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