Streak Tubes

Photonis Streak Tubes can provide spatial resolution up to 50 lp/mm, temporal resolution to sub-picosecond in streak mode, or exposure times less than 10 ns in framing mode, making them a versatile solution to support a wide range of applications.

High-uniformity photocathode
Ultra-fine spatial resolution
Stable spectral sensitivity

Technical information

Type Specifications
Mini-Streak Mini Streak Tubes are smaller and cheaper but still have high performance. Potential applications for Mini Streak Tubes include laboratory testing, drone integration and use in the mega joule lasers.
P500 Family These sealed tubes have the largest on-the-market input/output windows where a large number of temporal and spatial pixels are needed.
P800 Family These sealed tubes provide sub-picosecond temporal resolution whilst maintaining excellent spatial resolution anduse bilamellar optics. Most tubes have an accelerating slit electrode for optimal spatial resolution but tubes with a mesh electrode or with grids are also offered for framing mode or synchroscan operation.
P900 Family These sealed tubes have an output format well-suited to image amplification and read-out by CCD image sensors. Some P900 tubes have an internal MCP for increased gain.



Photonis Streak Tubes set the industry standard for overall quality, optimizing timing, resolution and sensitivity. Streak tubes are unique devices for capturing and measuring ultra-fast light phenomena. There are several applications for streak tubes including temporal measurement of lasers, ballistics, fluorescence, spectrochemistry, laser-matter interaction, etc.

Researchers will appreciate the wide range and high quality of Photonis Streak Tubes. Whether your application is ballistics, physics research, microscopy, biology or femtochemistry, Photonis Streak Tubes provide the timing and resolution your research requires. 
Photonis Streak tubes are applied in streak, framing or synchroscan modes, with a wide range of available photocathodes for detection from low energy X-ray to near infrared. The high sensitivity, low noise photocathodes provide high uniformity, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and a high shutter ratio, while bilamellar electron optics support femtosecond temporal and extremely high spatial resolution.

Did you know?

Photonis Streak Tubes have been used in laser experiments, UV and soft XRay high speed imaging, lamellar electron optics, time resolved spectroscopy and ultra-short laser-induced plasma research. Read more of our research



By the courtesy of Jinyang Liang Ph.D. and Dr. Christian-Yves Cote of Axis Photon:

Light sweeping across a stripe pattern with varied spatial frequencies:

Laser pulse reflection from a mirror:

Laser pulse refraction at an air-resin interface:

Laser pulse racing in different media:

Apparent faster-than-light phenomenon:

Pulsed-laser-pumped fluorescence emission:

Simulated instantaneous light-scattering pattern in a thin scatteringsheet under superluminal conditions (Mp = 1.4):

Simulated instantaneous light-scattering pattern in a thin scatteringsheet under subluminal conditions (Mp = 0.8):

Animated illustration of the LLE-CUP system:

Experimentally imaged laser pulse propagation under superluminal conditions(Mp = 1.4) through a thin scattering plate assembly that contains air (refractiveindex ns = 1.0) as the source tunnel medium and silicone rubber (refractive index nd = 1.4) mixed with scattering aluminum oxide powder as the medium of the display panels:

Experimentally imaged laser pulse propagation under subluminal conditions(Mp = 0.8) through a thin scattering plate assembly that contains liquid oil with a highrefractive index (refractive index ns = 1.8) as the source tunnel medium and silicone rubber (refractive index nd = 1.4) mixed with scattering aluminum oxide powder as the medium of the display panels:

Comparative image reconstructions of a superluminal light wavefrontsweeping across a car-model target using first-generation CUP and LLE-CUP:

Encrypted Three-dimensional Dynamic Imaging using Snapshot Time-of-flight Compressed Ultrafast Photography:

Single-shot real-time femtosecond imaging of temporal focusing:


Streak Tube



Photon Detector Brochure(PDF file, 349.29 KB)
Streak Tube Brochure(PDF file, 453.99 KB)


Streak Tube Reference List(PDF file, 40.5 KB)


Streak Tube Specifications(PDF file, 160.61 KB)

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