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Photonis Digital Vision, the experts of digital cameras for low-light conditions, is proud to release the latest camera core with USB 3.0 interface within the Nocturn family.
Photonis Scientific located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts is proud to support our analytical instrument customers in the battle against Covid-19. Our U.S. based factory is a leading producer of enabling technology detectors and sensors used in all manner of mass spectrometer and Ion mobility instruments.
Photonis announces that the Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) has chosen 4G image intensifier tubes for their latest acquisition of night vision equipment. With the choice of NPA for 4G, Photonis reinforces its market position as main supplier of high performance image intensifier tubes in Asia.



Photonis keeps a close eye on the developments regarding the Corona virus and took several safety and security measures.

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Innovate with us and reveal the invisible!

Photonis Innovation

Photonis is a global manufacturer of electro-optic solutions used in the detection of ions, electrons, and photons. We develop, produce, and market innovative sensors for detecting and amplifying very low levels of light, charged particles, and radiation.
Our products are used in a wide range of applications from night vision to analytical instruments, and even in nuclear reactors and warships. When you partner with Photonis, you will receive a custom detector designed to meet the specified performance and sensitivity criteria.

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Analytica China 2020
November 16 2020 to November 18 2020
Shanghai China
Visit Photonis at Analytica China 2020 Shanghai, Booth E6.6111 , November 16 to 18. Photonis will showcase its latest analytical developments.
Optatec 2020
November 17 2020 to November 19 2020
Frankfurt Germany
Visit Photonis at Optatec 2020 Frankfurt, Hall 3.1 Stand 824.1, November 17 to 19. Photonis will showcase its latest optic solutions.
DX Korea 2020
November 18 2020 to November 21 2020
Kintex South Korea
Visit Photonis at Defense Expo Korea 2020, November 18 to 21. Photonis will showcase the latest night vision solutions and to highlight its 4G 16 mm image intensifier tubes and 4G+ technology

Photonis night vision


This demonstrator is a product simulator made to help you comparing each product from our portfolio with different situations, options and light conditions.
It has been done to be as accurate as possible with gap of performance between tubes and the level of detail you could get using them on field.

Move over the scene to discover interactive elements and get more information by clicking on them.
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Our engineers, physicists, chemists, innovation experts and other specialists work everyday to challenge the common beliefs of physics, optics and electronics. They advance ion, electron and photon detection technologies with breakthroughs that trigger(or spark) new markets (or products) and solutions in these fields

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