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Thanks to its expertise and industrial quality, Photonis innovates and designs state-of-the-art of image intensifier tubes for night vision. Photonis offers a wide variety of digital imaging cameras and scientific & industrial detectors for several markets, from defense and surveillance to industrial and research markets. Photonis develops and manufactures nuclear detectors for nuclear power plants. Photonis products are able to respond to complex issues in environments extremely demanding by offering tailor-made solutions to customers.

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Photonis is a brand of Exosens. As a global trusted partner, Exosens' mission is to provide innovative imaging and detection solutions to enable technological breakthroughs for a safer world. Accompanied by HLD since 2021, Exosens is a high-tech company with over 85 years of experience in the innovation, development, manufacture, and sale sale of technologies in the field of particles and photo detection and imaging.

Today, it offers its customers detectors and detection solutions: its travelling wave tubes, advanced cameras, neutron & gamma detectors, instrument detectors and light intensifier tubes allow Exosens to respond to complex issues in environments extremely demanding by offering tailor-made solutions to its customers. Thanks to its sustained and permanent investment, Exosens is internationally recognized as a major innovator in optoelectronics, with production and R&D carried out on 9 sites, in Europe and North America and over 1 500 employees.
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Photonis, part of Exosens, Aids in TerraPower’s Mission of Low-Cost and Carbon-Free Energy Solutions with Key Components of Operation



Photonis, a subsidiary of Exosens, a market-leading global provider of electro-optic solutions used in the detection and amplification of photons, ions, electrons, and neutrons, is thrilled to announce a pivotal milestone in its journey toward advancing nuclear reactor technology. The company is providing TerraPower, a renowned leader in nuclear innovation, high-temperature ionization chambers to be tested at Ohio State University Research Reactor, as part of the Molten Chloride Reactor Experiment (MCRE) project.  The MCRE

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EXOSENS announces its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

EXOSENS announces its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to address current societal and environmental issues and employee expectations

Press release

Mérignac, France – november, 21st 2023

Exosens (former Photonis group) world leader in electro-optical imaging and detection devices for defense and industrial markets, is presenting its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy based on four pillars.

Uniting its initiatives and raising its ambitions at global level, Exosens is today releasing its CSR strategy. As the leading provider of detection, imaging and light

Photonis Group becomes Exosens
Photonis Group becomes Exosens
Worldwide leader for image intensifier tubes, the company has diversified its technologies and products portfolios with the ambition to become the worldwide leader in detection and imaging technologies. To illustrate that strategy, PHOTONIS GROUP becomes EXOSENS.
Xenics part of photonis group is expanding in North America
Xenics is expanding in North America 
Xenics, part of Photonis Group is expanding in North America. High-end imaging solutions provider deploys resources on the West Coast US. Frédéric Aubrun, Senior WW VP Sales and Marketing of Photonis Advanced Imaging Business Unit is also appointed as the Sales Director for North America, to focus from his new US based location on customer proximity, increased sales and additional support capabilities.

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