Electron generator arrays

Electron Generator Array

Electron Generator Arrays (EGAs) consist of millions of precision glass tubes fused together to produce a uniform and mechanically rigid structure.

Longer life
Cold ionization source
Excellent stability
Large format
Low maintenance
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Technical information

Flux density
Electron flux density < 1.0x10‐10 A/cm2 (Chevron™ or Z‐ Stack configuration)
Current densities 2.0x10‐5 A/cm2
Flux density Uniform to within 10 % across the entire emission area.
Available configurations
MCP configuration single, Chevron™, or Z-stack
Available diameters

from 4 to 150 mm diameter

custom size

Electrogen™ EGAs are available in sizes from 4 to 150mm in diameter. Unlike filament-based electron flux sources, the EGA requires no warm up time and will not introduce pyrolytic effects that can change the characteristics of the unknown matter. The output will vary less than 1% over a period of 24 hours and will drift less than 10% after 49 coulombs/cm2 of extracted charge. EGA assemblies can also be paired with optional output grids for electron energy discrimination.


Why choose an Electrogen™?

Electrogen™ provides a simple alternative to traditional electron gun sources while supporting fine emission level control. It provides a cold ionization source that requires no heat-up or stablilization time before use, won't burn out, and requires little maintenance or cleaning. Its parallel beam generation is not sensitive to field strength changes while producing a high density, highly uniform emission pattern. When compared to an electron gun, the power consumption is extremely low, often less than a watt.

Because Electrogen™ electron generator arrays can be customized by size and shape - and extremely large emission areas can be achieved by tiling multiple units - you can be assured that your research or analysis is not affected by variables such as pyrolitics or flux.

Ideal for creating uniform, dense electron flux

EGAs can be used as the electron source in electron impact ionization source applications. This technology has the advantage of performing as a cold ionization source, which eliminates pyrolytic effects that occur when the heat generated by the filament chemically changes the unknown substances to be identified. Because each of the millions of pores produce electrons, the resultant electron flux is extremely uniform and dense.

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