Long Wave Infrared camera micro cube

MicroCube is the latest generation of thermal cores in 12μm pixel pitch feature true SWaP design and cover main standard interfaces, including USB-C or MIPI CSI-2. Size, weight and power altogether make this European-made thermal core the ideal candidate for all applications where consumption and/or footprint are key factors, namely UAVs, UGVs and robot-type platforms, as well as handheld devices and all battery-powered equipment.

Up to VGA 12 μm
Capable of < 40 mK
Very compact section (22x22 mm2)
Up to 60 fps
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Technical Information

  Key performances
Sensor Micro-bolometer technology
Resolution / Pixel pitch 640 x 480 pixels
Spectral response LWIR: 8 – 14 μm
Pixel size  12 μm
Max NETD (F/1; 300 mK; 30 fps) < 40 mK
Frame rate Up to 60 fps
For module (host-based processing) USB-C
For core engine (embedded processing) BT 656 / YCbCr / MONO16 / MIPI CSI-2
Dimension 22 x 22 mm2 (section) / from 22 (depth)
Weight From 22 g
Optics From 4.3 mm to 100+ mm EFL
Qualifications MIL-STD 810G and MIL-STD-883 (TWS)



MicroCube640 serie offers high sensitivity in 22 mm cube side, weighing 22 g and consuming 0.82 W, will open the door of numerous applications. The MicroCube VGA (640x480 pixels) format takes benefits of existing Photonis technology, with key functionalities such as shutterless, automated gain control (AGC) and trigger.

This new state-of-the-art camera core enables OEMs to easily and quickly build their thermal systems with improved Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) features. Wide range of interfaces have also been taken-into account to cover the main standards that include the standard MIPI CSI-2.


Long Wave Infrared camera micro cube
  • 640 x 480 micro-bolometer with 12 μm pixels

  • Compact and feather-weighted

  • Easy to integrate

  • Low-power consumption

  • Typical NETD 35mK (F/1; 300 mK; 30 fps)

SmartIR640 focusing distance 60cm (object size 30cm)



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