Micro pore optics

micro pore optic

A compact and lightweight alternative to conventional X-Ray optics, the Micro Pore Optic allows a broad range of imaging options for UV, EUV and X-Rays. A Micro Pore Optic plate consists of millions of square channels arranged in a well-defined order.

Millions of square-shaped channels
Pore sizes of 10, 20, 100 or 700 microns
Compact design and lightweight
Flat, spherical or cylindrical shape
Customized to your specifications
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Square channel optic to collimate or focus X-Ray, UV Photons.

Photonis Micro Pore Optics have been developed for X-Ray imaging applications on interplanetary space missions. Compared to conventional X-Ray optics, Photonis Micro Pore Optics are extremely compact with ultra-low mass. X-Ray and UV photons can be focused, concentrated or collimated due to the total external reflection at grazing angle of less incidence inside the micro pore channels.

Square pore sizes of 10, 20, 100, or 700 microns are available; other configurations may be available. MPOs can be ordered as square packed or radially packed, and in flat, spherical or cylindrical shapes.

The surfaces inside the square channels have a near-perfect flatness and a very low roughness. They are ideal for focusing or collimating X-ray photons and are an excellent alternative to conventional X-ray optics for analytical instrumentation applications.

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