Photonis detectors are used in spectroscopy applications to increase image resolution across the spectral range. Our photon detectors are designed to provide greater sensitivity, faster speed, and reduce noise when compared to other products on the market.
Spectrometers are used for various applications including chemical composition, space exploration, and non-destructive testing, and other applications where sensitive measurement is critical. By maximizing resolution and sensitivity in each of our products, Photonis provides the highest quality spectrometer detectors available. From visible to near-IR wavelengths, Photonis detectors help improve the overall performance of spectrometers.
Our high-speed photon detectors can be customized with a wide variety of options, including our new Hi-QE photocathode which increases efficiency by up to 50% and lowers the dark count by as much as 10 times. By improving the photocathode this significantly, Photonis can optimize the spectral response in the range you specify.

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