Physics Research

Our large range of sensors and detectors make PHOTONIS a key detection partner for physics researchers. We are one of the leaders in neutron and gamma detection and offer a large range of particle and photon detectors with varying spectrum and resolution parameters to support your specific research project.

We offer detectors that support neutron, gamma, Cherenkov, Cryogenic and scintillation detection, electron and particle counters, plasma light emissions, high-energy physics, laser characterization and metrology.

Microchannel Plates offer support for a variety of detection and particle counting applications within the physics arena. We also manufacture Stripline MCPs for high-speed imaging of high-energy events. PHOTONIS MCPs are used in cryogenic detection as well as neutron and gamma detection due to their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, MCPs can be mounted into Advanced Performance Detectors for custom and standard system integration. An APD can be used as a charged particle discriminator as well as to increase the detection limit up to tenfold. Finally, our Micro Pore Optic detectors can focus X-ray, UV and EUV photons to more closely examine phenomena in space.

PHOTONIS offers a number of products to support specialized physics imaging. Our PLANACON products offer 1-6mm spatial resolution and are immune to magnetic fields, making them ideal for Ring Imaging Cherenkov and high-energy detection. Additionally, our Hybrid Photo Diode combines photosensor and MCP technologies to create a sensor that is uniquely fast with a high resolution of a single photon image. Our HPDs were successfully used in the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment. Finally, PHOTONIS Image Intensifier Tubes are widely used for luminescence measurement and fluorescence lifetime imaging.