Mass Spectrometry

PHOTONIS is an industry leader, providing sensors and detectors to most of the world’s largest mass spectrometer manufacturers. Our research and development has led to more than a dozen patents in the mass spectrometer detection arena.

We work closely with new technology developers to ensure that the best mass spectrometers in the world include the best detectors made by PHOTONIS. PHOTONIS detectors support a number of Mass Spectrometry types, including Time of Flight (TOF)- MS, Quadrupole GC/MS, GC/MS, Ion Trap, Ion Mobility, Magnetic Sector and Residual Gas Analyzers

Our contributions to the ongoing discovery of new drugs, treatment techniques, molecular biology and analytical instruments are due to the high quality and sensitivity of our products. PHOTONIS makes a variety of specialty glass products, including multi-capillary inlet tubes, microwell plates and glass capillary arrays which assist in enhancing the sampling process. Medical diagnostics are supported by a variety of imaging products, such as our Planacon, which is both immune to magnetic interference and can be tiled to produce a larger image

Our credentials include our MountingPad™ rimless microchannel plates, the TruFlite™ and other TOF detectors such as, MAGNUM and Spiraltron. We are also the original manufacturer of Channeltron® channel electron multipliers and provide a number of OEM replacement modules containing these detectors.

Channeltron® is the only brand you need for your mass spectrometer. We offer individual CEMs or complete replacement assemblies. Channeltron® Channel Electron Multipliers are the first brand name and for many, the only choice for many mass spectrometry applications. We manufacture both open and single-channel CEMS. These are most commonly found in GC-MS applications and Residual Gas Analyzers. Additionally, PHOTONIS now offers a number of OEM CEM Replacement Assemblies with Channeltrons to facilitate maintenance and shorten equipment down-time.

MountingPad™ Microchannel Plates are designed to prevent warping and cracking. A variety of shapes, sizes and pore sizes guarantee high resolution.

PHOTONIS LongLife™ Microchannel Plates are synonymous with superior performance and resolution in mass spectrometry applications. MCPs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and pore sizes to meet most instrumentation needs, and offer an Extended Dynamic Range option which increases the linear output range up to 40x over a standard MCP. Our MountingPad™ rimless MCPs are patented to resist warping and cracking.

Advanced Performance Detectors integrate a microchannel plate into an electromechanical housing for simple system integration. The Advanced Performance Detector line incorporates PHOTONIS Microchannel Plates into complete standard, custom and low-profile housings for simple system integration. A PHOTONIS APD can be used as a charged particle discriminator as well as to increase the detection limit up to tenfold. Our APD line incorporates many MCP sizes, and now includes QUANTUM™ and MICROTRON™ sub-miniature APDS for use in residual gas analyzers, VUV spectrometers and leak detectors.

PHOTONIS offers the largest range of Time-of-Flight Detectors, including standard, bi-polar, off-axis, co-axial, and miniature. Our Gen2 UltraFast TOF detectors are the fastest on the market.

With PHOTONIS, Time of Flight Detectors are manufactured to support a number of MS TOF applications, with standard, BiPolar, Off-Axis, and Co-axial detector assemblies. Mini-TOF detectors are available for field-portable mass spectrometry, while our TruFlite™ TOF detector offers unparalleled flatness to reduce time jitter. Finally, our MAGNUM TOF detector uses the exclusive PHOTONIS Spiraltron™ technology which provides fast timing, a rugged package, and excellent dynamic range

Electron Generator Arrays provide a uniform "cold" electron source which requires zero warm up time.

PHOTONIS’ ELECTROGEN™ Electron Generator Array (EGA) is a “cold” electron source providing a large dense electron flux and requiring zero warm-up time. ELECTROGEN™ arrays can be used as the electron source in beam line monitoring, display devices, electron scrub sources, wafer discharge, and ion and electron impact ionization applications.

Resistive Glass Capillary Tubes provide a uniform electric field to guide ions more efficiently into the mass spectrometer. PHOTONIS FieldMaster™ Ion Guides and Drift Tubes assist sample analysis by providing ion mobility and ion trap support. Our custom glass tubes are coated to provide a resistive glass surface which can be varied to optimize current flow and electric field strength.