Enabling to provide the best possible care for patients.

Photonis detectors are used in cutting edge medical technology to help provide the best possible care for patients.

Photonis understands the need for these devices to perform as specified in a routine manner. For endoscopic applications, Photonis provides high aperture optical waveguides, which may be combined with a low light imaging camera to eliminate the need for additional light during examination.

Additionally, Photonis offers a wide array of MCP-based detectors which can be used in procedures using X-Rays or other radioactive materials.

Photonis MCPs feature a 2µm pore size for maximum sensitivity, making them uniquely beneficial for medical applications.

Resistive glass products from Photonis are an excellent choice for ion mobility spectroscopy as they enhance ion separation as the sample is being analyzed.

From capillary inlet tubes to monolithic reflectron lenses, the resistive glass provides a uniform electric field to effectively transport charged particles within the structure.


Advancing medical imaging

Advancing medical imagine through innovative sensor technologies

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