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Research & Special Purpose

PHOTONIS continues to manufacture a wide range of special purpose power tubes for research applications. Our tetrodes, triodes and cavities are integral parts of linear accelerator power sources in laboratories throughout the world. We manufacture our power tubes for research and special applications to custom specifications to ensure your research is accurate and reliable.
PHOTONIS pulsed RF amplifiers include a wide selection of tubes, matching cavities and integral cavity modular amplifiers for pulsed RF service at frequencies to 1400 MHz. They feature anode, grid and drive pulsed ratings, pulse lengths to 2200 µsec, duty cycles to 25% and peak power to 8 megawatts. Phase stability and broadband capability make these types ideal for applications ranging from linear-accelerator drives to fire-control radar.

PHOTONIS Series Regulators & Hard Tube Modulators feature sturdy, fault-resistant cathodes and clean, high voltage designs which make these types ideal for modulation and control of pulsed RF amplifiers, klystrons, TWTs and more in modern shaped-pulse and pulse width controlled systems. Pulse currents to 90 amperes and hold-off voltages to 200 kV.

Distributed Amplifiers from PHOTONIS are sturdy, high gain, ceramic/metal tetrodes with dual input configuration specifically designed for distributed amplifier service to 500 MHz.

PHOTONIS Accelerator Sources are high gain, ceramic/metal tetrodes with matching cavities for use as pulsed RF sources in accelerator service.

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