VHF commercial tubes

VHF commercial tubes

Photonis VHF Commercial Power Tubes are the perfect solution for mobile, shipboard, airborne and fixed station services. Photonis VHF Commercial Power Tubes are compact and sturdy to stand up to heavy use.

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Easily circuited to desired frequency
Operation in TEM mode possible
High gain bandwidth product for full VHF-TV service
Operates well in high temperatures
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Technical information

Type Number Power Carrier (W) Volts Amps1 G2 Volts Gain (dB)
8122 85 2000 0.15 200 19
8976 15000 8000 3.60 1500 -




Photonis Defense's VHF Commercial Tubes are designed to deliver high gain and high linearity for VHF-TV equipment. They can be easily tuned to the required frequency and feature a coaxial-terminal design that provides a high gain bandwidth product across the full VHF-TV band, as well as the ability to operate in TEM Mode.

These tubes are built to withstand high temperatures and have minimized tube inductances, enabling the use of simple, cost-effective broadband circuit techniques for VHF operation. In addition to commercial VHF-TV service, Photonis' VHF Commercial tubes are also ideal for other applications such as single sideband, CW or pulsed RF, modulator services, translator services, and more.

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