FM power tubes

FM Power Tubes

Photonis Defense manufactures high-gain, high-efficiency FM power tubes that are designed for maximum performance by minimizing the number of stages required for satisfactory operation.

FM Broadcast Service
High efficiency-low pressure radiator
Forced Air Cooled

Technical information

Type Number Power Carrier (W) Volts Amps1 G2 Volts Gain (dB)
8986 15 9 2.1 1200 19
9011 30 12 3.2 1200 20



Photonis manufactures high-gain, high-efficiency FM Power Tubes that are designed for maximum performance. Our tubes minimize both initial and regular maintenance costs found in modern FM installations by reducing the number of stages required for satisfactory operation. Rated for full input to 150 MHz, Photonis’ tubes are easily circuited to this frequency.

The coaxial terminal configuration enables operation in the TEM mode while the location of the radiator permits resonant cavity circuit designs which minimize the restriction of cooling air flow. T sturdy, coaxial construction and thoriated-tungsten mesh filament minimized tube inductances and feed-thru capacitances. Consistent performance makes these FM Power Tube devices ideal components in commercial transmitters.


FM Power tubes


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