Voltage Regulators

Photonis Defense, Inc. voltage regulators are designed for applications where dependable performance under severe vibration is essential. They are intended for use as a voltage regulator in airborne and fixed-station equipment. The plate characteristics are specifically controlled to provide the high transconductance desirable in series regulator service.

Matrix-Oxide-Coated Unipotential Cathode
Ceramic-Metal Construction
Coaxial-Electrode Structure
Forced-Air Cooled
Integral Radiator

Technical information

Type Number Power Carrier (W) Volts Amps1 G2 Volts Gain (dB)



power tubes



Power Tube 4600A(PDF file, 668.44 KB)
Power Tube S93413E(PDF file, 385.26 KB)

Related Applications

Long Range Surveillance
Missile Detection warning System
Electronic Counter Measures
Electronic Warfare
RF Generation (Defense)
Defense Communication
Long Range Surveillance
Linear Accelerator
RF Frequency Generation
Non-destructive Testing
Medical Imaging
Commercial Communications

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