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Power Tubes for Defense

PHOTONIS Power Tubes for Defense applications has a long standing tradition stemming from our history as BURLE Industries and RCA. We proudly provide a number of mission-critical power tubes for defense applications, including communications and radar for shipboard, fixed and mobile installations.
Our wide range of Power Tubes for Defense applications include tetrodes, triodes, and associated their circuitries. These Power Tubes are essential components in a number of radar and communications platforms, and are manufactured to exact specifications for reliability and quality.

PHOTONIS offers a wide variety of UHF Military power tubes for defense which are compact, high-gain configurations which are environmentally controlled for mobile, shipboard, airborne and fixed station service. These power tubes remain a critical part of defense communications across the globe.

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Type Number Power Carrier (W) Volts Amps1 G2 Volts Gain (dB)
8122 235 2000 0.30 200 17
4662 300 2500 0.30 250 16
4661 1160 2600 0.90 550 12
1. DC Anode Current at Peak of Envelope.
2. Modulated along with anode