Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge

Are you ready for the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge?

The Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge is a unique outdoor sports and survival competition for M/F teams broadcasted on Insight TV, a worldwide TV channel that delivers footage at an amazing 4K resolution.


The Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge

Photonis Ultimate Forces Chalenge
The UFC is organized since 1999 and has during the years successfully gone global. As of 2017, all challenges are broadcasted on Insight TV, a worldwide TV channel that delivers footage at an amazing 4K resolution.

During the event the selected country team contestants have to perform in a number of 10-15+ outdoor disciplines. In general, the 15+ disciplines were designed to test advanced top level ready sportsmanship, planning, strategy, climbing techniques, team work, time management, endurance, team cohesion, speed, maneuverability tasks under stress, breaching skills, communication, etc. And a number of physical disciplines and exercises to test your skills and perseverance.
In this TV program we follow the teams of this annual event. The event and therefore also the TV program exists of a natural mix of extreme sports on a military level. Country Teams will have to compete against themselves and the other teams during 10 days and nights, while dealing with the imposing elements of nature, resulting in a fortnight of extreme sports in a breath-taking environment. During the ten days of competition a wide range of undisclosed assignments have to be accomplished. The tension between the prestige of high-level sport performances and the fear of being eliminated from the competition will ensure an exciting structure and ultimately program.




To watch the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge directly via TV: UK (SKY 664), Germany (HD+ , Waipu en Media Broadcast), Russia (TriColor), Switzerland (Swisscom), Portugal (Vodafone), Spain (Vodafone), South Korea (SKB), India (Reliance Jio), UAB, (Etisalat) The easiest way to watch online worldwide is through the new VOD platform on to be launched this coming April which offers two options. SVOD (Paid subscription / no commercials at $ 2,99 per month) or AVOD which is a free channel but contains commercials.