Low Light Level Imaging Sensors

Our Low light level imaging sensors are ideal for surveillance and unmanned monitoring in daylight to starlight lighting conditions. Our Low light level imaging sensors are the enabling technology behind our NOCTURN Low-Light CMOS cameras, ideal for surveillance or mobile applications. Our sensors are ideal for use in both Night Vision and Homeland Security, operating equally well in both daylight and low-light level (equivalent to quarter moon). Our CMOS sensors support Command and Control (C4I) operations, urban and suburban surveillance at night, and advanced applications such as vehicle protection/surveillance and fusion of digital images such as visible (at night) and infra-red (IR).

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging leads the industry through its innovation in extreme low-light imaging products. Optimized for day-through-night lighting conditions, these digital imaging products support surveillance and security applications, industry and research projects, and mobile use.

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging offers a wide variety of imaging products with high resolution, high frame rates, and low light capabilities, which can be paired with a number of interfaces and options to provide a superior low-light or day-through-night imaging solution.

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