LongLife™ Microchannel Plates

OEM Components


LongLife™ Microchannel Plates are made from a proprietary glass formula, which ensures the highest quality and longest life of any other commercially available MCP. Photonis is able to provide our MCPs in a variety of custom sizes from 4mm to 150mm as well as configurations such as Chevron or Z-Stack.
When you use Photonis’ LongLife™ Microchannel Plates, you will be the first to discover new phenomena.

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Photonis’ LongLife™ Microchannel Plates offer longer life, lower noise, and higher spatial resolution than any other commercially available MCP. For over 40 years, we have been leading the industry in electron multiplication with our LongLife™ MCP product line. Our extended dynamic range output option increases detection up to ten times over traditional MCPs.
Available in detection, image, and premium grades, Photonis’ line of LongLife™ MCPs are designed to provide stable gain and outstanding bias current stability. You can specify the pitch/pore size as well as the shape, size, and configuration. By partnering with Photonis for all of your MCP needs, you will get a detector exactly suited to your needs.

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OEM Replacement Modules:
At Photonis, we work directly with the mass spectrometer manufacturer partners to design form, fit, and function replacements for both new instruments and older models. All of our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) assemblies contain genuine Photonis detectors. Since Photonis detectors offer the highest longevity on the market, an OEM replacement assembly is the most economical decision for extending the life and preserving the image quality of mass spectrometers.
Download our OEM cross reference guide to find the right detector for your instrument.put, giving a visual representation of the radiation pattern.


Learning Highlight

How an mcp works

A microchannel plate is designed for detecting X-Rays, UV radiation, and charged particles. The output is a two-dimensional electron image which preserves the spatial resolution of the original input radiation, but with a linear gain up to 1000. This may be used for exciting a phosphor screen placed close to the output, giving a visual representation of the radiation pattern. 

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MountingPad™ technology

MountingPad™ MCPs are rimless microchannel plates which have been patented to prevent excessive noise due to trapped gas or damaged pores near the edges from mounting the MCP. Our MountingPad™ technology provides a rigid area to attach the MCP without damaging pores, yet provides a gap between the active channels and the mounting hardware. This gap allows gas to vent, eliminating plasma discharges which cause excessive noise.

The picture below demonstrates this technology:


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Analytical Instruments: MCPs support a wide range of analysis techniques from large systems to miniature and portable applications.
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Particle Research: MCPs capture short‐life, high speed events for counting or quantification. 
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Space Exploration: Photonis has been awarded by NASA, ESA and other agencies for our custom manufacture of MCPs that are space‐qualified. 
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Photonic Detection: MCPs are the critical first stage in photon detection, with gain up to 1 million for high sensitivity. 
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