Hi-QE Photocathodes

Hi-QE Photocathodes for Photon Detection and Scientific Imaging

Photonis’ Hi-QE photocathode technology provides a unique combination of extremely low dark counts, fast response time, and high quantum efficiency.

  • High sensitivity efficiency
  • High collection efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Long life
  • Wide variety of formats

Technical information

Photonis offers the Hi-QE photocathode option in four versions: UV, blue, green and red.

  QY at 200nm, % QY at 270nm, % Y QY at 400nm, %
  Minimum Typical Minimum Typical Minimum Typical
Hi-QE UV 22 25 28 32 22 25
Hi-QE UV 12 16 27 30 27 30
  Averaged QY [380-480nm], % QY at 500nm,%
  Minimum Typical Minimum Typical
Hi-QE Green 26 30 18 22
  Averaged QY [520-800nm], %s
Hi-QE Red 15 17



Hi-QE photocathodes are available in a variety of spectral detection ranges to fulfill specific application requirements.

Hi-QE photocathodes lower dark counts as much as 10X, while boosting QE 50% over traditional S20 or S25 photocathode technologies.
Photonis' Hi-QE photocathodes are available in four options, designed to heighten the spectral response across specific wavelengths when compared to broader spectral response photocathodes of S20 and S25.  The Hi-QE UV offers superior detection to 330nm, while the Hi-QE blue provides improved response through 400mn. The Hi-QE green option provides unparalleled response from 400-550 nm, while the new Hi-QE Red photocathode is optimized for the 400-900nm spectral range, providing 50% greater quantum efficiency. At 650nm, Hi-QE Red provides 22% QE - versus 16% in the standard S25 photocathode. Notably, at 900nm the Hi-QE red photocathode offers a 50% improvement over the traditional S25 photocathode.

Hi-QE Photocathodes wavelenght

Hi-QE Photocathodes are available in these photon detectors:

Cricket™² Advanced Image Intensifier Adapter | Photonis
Hybrid Photo Diodes
Image Intensifiers
MCP-PMT Detectors
Planacon Square MCP-PMT Detector


Hi-QE Photocathodes