Low light level imaging

Low light level imaging

Image Intensifiers are used to intensify low light level images down to the detection and imaging of single photons. Photonis offers a wide range of Image Intensifier Tubes (IITs), matching PSUs and gating electronics for OEM customers looking to implement low light level intensification in their product. For researches who need to boost their camera sensitivity (CCD or CMOS) but dedicate time to science rather than instrument set-up, Photonis offers the Cricket2 IIT adapter device for plug & play IIT functionality.

Photonis multialkali Hi-QE photocathode technology combines a high quantum efficiency (QE) in the 120-1050 nm spectral range, with a dark count rate as low as 50 Hz/cm², thereby achieving a superb signal to noise ratio. When the photocathode is utilized as an ultra-fast electro-optical shutter, sub nanosecond (billionth of a second) gating speeds can be achieved for accurate transient phenomena imaging.

Photonis Image Intensifier Tubes are based on patented high end microchannel plate (MCP) technology offering a high dynamic range and an unmatched collection efficiency of >95%.   

Photonis Image Intensifier Tubes are the ideal choice for low light level intensification in applications such as: Ultra high speed imaging, Liquid and Gas flow imaging, Scientific Imaging (Plasma physics/LIBS/FLIM/Quantum Optics/LIF/PLIF/Photon Counting/Thomson Scattering/Raman spectroscopy), Time gated Imaging, Medical Imaging and for instance Corona discharge detection.