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The TacFusion is a handheld observational binocular equipped with excellent low light & thermal sensors to provide exceptional fusion capabilities. It also offers advanced connectivity options.

High quality night vision and thermal image/Fusion capability
Built in video recorder
Wifi, hotspot and GPS
Fully water-proof IP67
Remote control over mobile app
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Technical Information

Visible channel

Low light CMOS sensor

HD format 1280x1024 @25 fps

Daylight to starlight observation, sensitive up to 2 mlux

Thermal channel

Uncooled focal plane array

VGA format 640x512 @25 fps

NETD <40 mK

Advanced Function

High storage 32 GB

Remote control via mobile app (Android and iOS)

Chargeable Li batteries up to 5 hours


Size 164x182.3x73.3 mm

Weight < 1kg

Operating temperature -30 to 55C


The TacFusion is a versatile handheld offering broad of applications such as patrolling, law enforcement, search and rescue, drug enforcement, anti-smuggling and suspect capture.


  • Advanced thermal, clear night vision, and fusion imaging
  • Long range detection up to 3 km
  • Remote control via mobile app (available for Android and iOS)

Colours available

Photonis TacFusion Blue Green yellow



Manual/User guide

photonis  Low Light Detection & Imaging Cameras

Did you know?

Many users such as search and rescue organizations, coastal guard teams, special forces and other users have been using TacFusion. 

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