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The ECHO technology is the commercial grade image intensififier tube by Photonis, offering two high performance grades to the commercial market for civilian users. ECHO image intensifier tubes serve many night vision applications for users that require good range and details at night and making them perfect for sport shooters, hunters, airsoft practioners and night vision enthusiasts.

High FOM Performance
Fast Auto-Gating
Good performance at low light levels
Available in 16mm and 18mm
Green or White Phosphor
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Technical information

  Min Max Unit Min Max Unit
FOM (Figure Of Merit) 1600     2000    
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 23     25


Resolution 57 74 lp/mm 57   lp/mm
High Light Resolution 50          
Fast - Autogated PSU Yes Yes
Format  16mm and 18mm
Phosphor P43 or P45 : please ask for specifications 

* only for (semi)government users - requires EUS (End Users Statement)


ECHO image intensifiers are a high-performance, low-cost offering to the commercial market. This technology can offer ultra-fast Auto-Gating, a small halo and the high resolution expected from a high-grade tube.

Echo tubes are available in two high performance grades in both green or white phosphor offering the best option for any user.

Option available

P43 or P45

P43 or P45

P43 (green phosphor) or P45 (white phosphor)

onyx Image Intensifier Tube

A phosphor screen does not affect the performance of the image intensifier tube, and therefore one phosphor is not better than another. Phosphor selection is often a personal preference. P45 is a black and white phosphor which provides excellent recognition. P45 has similar decay properties as the P43 (green) phosphor, but gives the user with B&W images which are more easily recognized by the human eye by providing more discriminating shades of intensity. The result is less eye fatigue and faster recognition, particularly in sandy or rocky terrain.

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16 mm

16 mm

16 mm Image Intensifier Tube

Photonis image intensifier tube 16mm

Photonis was the first manufacturer to develop white phosphor image intensifier tubes and is also the only company to offer a 16mm format tube. Thanks to its strong capacity for innovation, Photonis encourages night vision equipment manufacturers to develop their own equipment. Indeed, by introducing the 16mm tube, Photonis has allowed the design of new night vision binoculars, lighter and less voluminous while still being more efficient.

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