Image intensifier tube 4G

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The 4G technology is particularly suited to the very high demands of special forces. Get the best DRI* range and be the first to see.

*DRI = Detection, Recognition and Identification
Best DRI* ranges
Very small halo
Very fast Auto-Gating
Spectral range from 400nm to 1000nm
Selected by Tier 1 Special Forces

Technical information

  Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
FOM (Figure Of Merit) 1800 2200    
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 28 30    
Limiting resolution (at center) 64 72   lp/mm
High Light Level Resolution (200lx) 55     lp/mm
Phosphor  P43 or P45**
Weight(ANVIS)   70 75 g

** P45 (white phosphor)

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Only 4G can offer ultra-fast Auto-Gating, the very small halo and unrivalled spectral range from ultraviolet to near infrared. Gain the unfair advantage in the darkest nights, in all terrain and operations.

How far can I see with my intensified night vision device (NVD)? This is the most common question asked by NVD users.

One of the most critical parameters for NVDs is the Detection/ Recognition/ Identification (DRI) range at various light levels.

The further distance the user can see, the better he can react as he will be the first to see.

Thanks to continuous investment in Research and Innovation, Photonis is bringing Image Intensifier Tube performance to levels where it had never reached before.

4G Night Vision Revolution is bringing 40% extra range of DRI than existing tubes available on the market (*).

(*) tested by experienced end-user in actual theatres of operations

Option available

ONYX - black & white vision

ONYX - black & white vision

White phosphor (P45)

onyx Image Intensifier Tube

ONYX is the optional black and white night vision of Photonis.
Studies show that night-time scenes appear remarkably more natural in B&W versus the usual green. Photonis offers B&W night vision for those who want to have a natural vision at night. B&W provides clearer information about the contrast, shapes and shadows.

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Night vision simulator

photonis Night Vision simulator

The simulators helps you comparing each product from our portfolio with different situations, options and light conditions.
It has been done to be as accurate as possible with gap of performance between tubes and the level of detail you could get using them on field.

Move over the scene to discover interactive elements and get more information by clicking on them. Use the help section for more instruction.

Try it !

16 mm

16 mm

16mm Image Intensifier Tube

tubes size comparison 16 mm

16mm tubes have been designed to meet the SWaP requirements of the modern armies:
reduced Size, Weight and minimum Power consumption, with state-of-the-art performance.
The weight of the 16mm Image Intensifier Tube has been reduced by 30 grams compared to standard ANVIS 18mm tube while its volume size has been reduced by 40%.

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4G Technology

Photonis 4G technology

4G Technology is a set of capabilities described by minimum specifications of modern Night Vision to deliver to end-users the highest performance in all field conditions.

4G Night Vision standards is defined by:

  • An Extended Bandwidth of photon collection to deliver a consistently high image quality in all environments (from below 400nm to above 1.000nm)
  • A FOM (figure of merit being Signal to Noise Ratio times the Resolution : SNR* R) above 1.800
  • A Resolution always superior to 57 lp/mm even in the most polluted light environments such as urban areas or when entering a building where the light is suddenly switched on
  • A typical 0.75mm halo around the brightest objects seen in the image to provide the highest details around the light sources





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