Visible - Near Infrared


Photonis range of VIS/NIR camera cores provide color or monochrome real-time imaging capabilities from daylight to overcast starlight in the visible and near infrared spectrum. The camera cores are based on sensitive CMOS sensors and image intensifier tubes covering different ranges of illumination.

Our low-light camera cores feature high-definition resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range with low power consumption and are built in ruggedized housings. Their compact size makes these camera modules ideal for integration into aerial, mobile and hand-held surveillance systems. Optimized for size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements, the low-light camera cores are also a well-suited imaging solution for man-portable uses such as weapon sights, helmet displays, and monoculars.

Our iCameras combine CMOS sensors and image intensifier tubes making use of the best of both technologies for ultra-sensitive imaging under overcast illumination conditions. The iCameras feature high-resolution, high frame rate and a very compact design making them suitable for industrial and research markets.

Both low-light cameras and iCameras are meant for demanding OEMs/integrators who seek sensitive or ultra-sensitive imaging solutions for their current systems and for end-users in the industrial and scientific community who can take advantage of plug & play feature.