Our philosophy and approach

PHOTONIS employs over 1000 people worldwide and we are proud of our reputation and service which embraces all economic and cultural challenges in every corner of the globe. We have a culture where every colleague is valued, so opinions will be respected and contributions rewarded. For us, the diversity of our staff is the key to improving the company’s competitiveness in a global marketplace.

PHOTONIS is a company with agile and innovative engineers, scientists, analysts, and business professionals serving customers around the globe. PHOTONIS is a place where we can all be proud to work.

PHOTONIS depends on motivated, competent and performing employees who have a personal drive and who dare to be innovative and have a new way of thinking. We therefore encourage our employees to think outside the box which creates an innovative work environment.

Innovative research at PHOTONIS explores the interface between science, engineering and management and delivers practical solutions that improve quality of life and the environment - underpinned by a dynamic enterprise culture.

PHOTONIS attaches special importance to our core values that respect the individual and maximizes the success of the teams. These values empower employees to take the lead, to be innovative, to deliver on commitments, and to work with passion.

PHOTONIS is also committed to development and improving career. That’s why we believe very strongly that we offer the best development opportunities at every level of our business.

PHOTONIS offers opportunities to learn and develop with training in all areas. We have an extensive training and development offer which meets the needs of our colleagues in all areas of the business at all levels.