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Photonis provides a wide range of Time of Flight (TOF) detectors to support portable, ultra-fast and bi-polar instruments. Each TOF detector Photonis designs are customized to provide the best temporal and spatial resolution, highest mass sensitivity, and greatest dynamic range available. We specialize in working closely with TOF-MS system designers to understand the requirements needed in each instrument to provide the longest-lasting, accurate detectors specifically designed for each instrument.
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Advanced Performance TOF Detectors
Photonis' AP-TOF detectors provide superior temporal and spatial resolution as well as increased mass efficiency. Our ability to customize these detectors for each analytical instruments, ensures that your analysis will be as accurate as possible.
Learn more about our various Advanced Performance TOF detectors.


BiPolar TOF Detectors
Our BiPolar TOF detectors are designed to maximize mass resolution while conforming to a variety of unique configurations. Whether you need a non-linear detector a high mass detector, Photonis will work with you to ensure your test results are as reliable as possible.
Learn more about our various models of BiPolar TOF detectors.


Charged Particle Beam Profiler
The Photonis Ion Beam Profiler couples a Photonis Advanced Performance Detector with an integrated NOCTURN CMOS low light camera. The camera provides a monochrome image output with high resolution for analysis of charged particles.
Learn more about our Charged Ion Beam Profiler.


TruFlite™ Microchannel Plate
Photonis manufactures TruFliteTM microchannel plates to be flatter than any other commercial MCP. When used in a TOF detector, TruFliteTM MCPs reduce time jitter significantly.
Learn more about our TruFliteTM microchannel plates.


How Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry Works



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The Evolution of the Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry Detector

Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry has become the most widely used technique for identifying very large organic molecules. Recently, companies have started designing table top and portable TOF-MS instruments as the market has shifted. In this presentation, you will learn more about the origins of TOF-MS and how our detectors support these instruments.
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Power supplies for Channeltrons®, MCP, TOF & APD

Our complete line of power supplies can provide power to our microchannel plates, Channeltron® channel electron multipliers, Microchannel Plate assemblies with Phosphor Screens, and BiPolar Time of Flight Detectors as well as most other laboratory applications. Each power supply supports a different, specific range of products and voltages.
ut, giving a visual representation of the radiation pattern.


  • Front panel mounted output voltage display
  • 90-240 V ac input voltage
  • Overload and short-circuit protected
  • Front panel mounted voltage adjustment
  • SHV output connectors
  • All solid-state design
  • Positive or Negative polarity
  • Exceptional stability
  • Low ripple < 0.05%
  • Compact design

High Voltage Power Supply PF1053
High Voltage Power Supply PF1054
High Voltage Power Supply PF1055

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