The PHOTONIS Group is a global business serving the photo-sensor technology needs of world-leading customers in the areas of Night Vision, Industry, Science, surveillance and Security.

The Group develops and manufactures mainly :

PHOTONIS Group has over 1.000 employees with revenues exceeding EUR 160M.
PHOTONIS invests a large amount in new technologies because we believe that the only way PHOTONIS stays successful is investing in the future. In different sites teams of specialists are working on future products. The result will be product launches throughout the coming years. This can be nuclear medicine imaging systems, Intensified Digital Sensors (IDS), Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT), Camera systems, EBCMOS etc. You can count on the Research and Development specialists of PHOTONIS.

Image Intensifier Tubes are opto-electronic vacuum devices that amplify very low levels of light into visible levels for the human eye. Intensified devices such as goggles or weapon sights provide Night Vision capabilities of detection, recognition and unmatched identification. Enhancements of soldiers’ tactical situational awareness, agility and mobility, targeting capabilities and/or driving vehicles by darker and darker nights have become possible with advanced Image Intensifier Tubes technology.

Thanks to high resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, PHOTONIS XD-4™, XR5™ and 4G image intensifier tubes reveal more details by night and offer extended range capabilities for current Night Vision devices. The Auto-Gating function constantly operates to improve the quality of the image under dynamic lighting conditions, such as military operations in desert or urban terrains which define many of today’s missions.

PHOTONIS keeps innovating in Night Vision with the recent successful introduction of new products such as the ONYX tube providing a natural black and white image (green being the standard colour) and the ICU (Intensified Camera Unit), the smallest and lightest fully integrated intensified camera for soldier modernisation programs, providing real-time digital video image using very low power.

The continued success of PHOTONIS stems from our ongoing commitment to aggressively fund and staff innovative research and development programs. This funding is provided both through reinvestment and from customer-driven requirements.

Our products are widely deployed across the world in night vision and analytical applications as well as numerous medical, space and physics research laboratories, where they are used to advance developments that benefit mankind.

The PHOTONIS R&D staff are located in factories and laboratories across the globe. We employ engineers, innovation experts, physicists, chemists and other specialists - most of whom have advanced degrees or Ph.D.s - to challenge the accepted beliefs of physics, optics and electronics to advance ion, electron and photon detection technologies. These technologies further advance to bringing new and innovative products to market.

PHOTONIS' R&D programs are designed not only to create new products, but often advance the core technologies that drive electro-optic innovations. For our efforts, PHOTONIS has been granted numerous patents for our innovations and technologies in many countries. We have also received several awards from both customers and industry, including a 2010 PRISM Award for Photonic Innovation.

PHOTONIS continues its commitment to quality and innovation as we look for ways to incorporate advancements in optics and physics into our product offerings.

PHOTONIS Surface Processing and Plating Services is your ideal partner for specialty plating services.  We provide a wide range of plating for metal and ceramic parts, specialized coatings, and also house one of the east coast’s largest plating tanks, making no job too big.. or too small.
Our fully-automated, state-of-the-art facility, backed by years of plating and brazing experience, puts your project in good hands with superior results.
PHOTONIS Surface Processing and Plating Services provides finishing services, brazing, assembly services, and specialized treatment processes including electro-polishing, a variety of Bright Dips, and both glass bead and borosilicate sand blasting.
We serve the Telecommunications, Electronics, Medical, Defense and Automotive industries with a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and equipment calibrations to conform to ISO 10012-1.
If you have a question regarding our surface processing or plating service capabilities, including the types of deposits/clases, our brazing capabilities, or finishing services, please contact PHOTONIS USA for more details.

Download the Brochure of Material Processes and Plating Facility

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PHOTONIS USA Pennsylvania Inc. has over 70 years of experience in manufacturing high reliability vacuum devices requiring extraordinary levels of cleanliness, demanding specialty coatings for various metal and ceramic components and difficult joining of metals and ceramics. Our state-of-the-art facility, backed by years of plating and brazing expertise is now available for your applications in industries such as telecommunications, electronics, medical, defense and automotive. While we specialize in quick-turn-around low volume and custom jobs, we can also handle high volumes using our fully-automated facility.  We can even source components for you and deliver completed sub-assemblies ready for your final processes.
Quality control is an integral part of the PHOTONIS cleaning, plating and brazing operation. With an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System, PHOTONIS offers a wide range of brazing and plating technologies controlled by computer-operated schedules. Using sophisticated X-ray fluorescent and Dermitron thickness measurement equipment, PHOTONIS is able to assure uniform application and lasting quality. All equipment calibrations conform to ISO 10012-1.


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PHOTONIS’ state of the art facility provides a wide range of specialized surface treatments, including Bright Dip, cleaning processes, polishing, and other processes.
• Electro-polishing
   – 300 & 400 series stainless
• Kovar Bright Dip
   – A uniform etchant for cleaning and brightening Kovar
• Copper Bright Dip
   – An excellent surface preparation for copper, prior to further operations
• Stainless Steel Bright Dip
   – Cleans and brightens as well as passivates
• Glass Bead and Borosilicate Sand Blasting
• Automated degreasing and ultrasonics wash line
• Specialized cleaning processes
• Firing in air, vacuum and hydrogen (wet and dry) atmospheres
• Stress relieving, annealing and bright heat treating of stainless steels
• Certified hardness and tensile strength testing



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PHOTONIS offers a wide range of plating processes, with the capability to effectively plate large components as well as small.



Joining and Assembly Read more
PHOTONIS’ experienced staff can provide a number of specialty joining and assembly services, including fixture design, brazing, metalizing and welding.
• Metal-to-metal & ceramic-to-metal assembly design
• Fixturing design
• Metal-to-metal brazing – vacuum and commercial grade
• Ceramic-to-metal brazing – vacuum and commercial grade
• Oxyacetylene torch brazing
• Silver alloy brazing media
• Ceramic metalizing
• Vacuum leak checking
• Welding