photonis  Low Light Detection & Imaging Cameras

Traffic management

Furthering progress and innovation in traffic management

Part of the green policy’s concern is to reduce gas emissions, especially coming from cars and truck traffic. To optimize driving time, traffic situation awareness in real-time remains a key driver.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) development merge IoT technologies with existing infrastructures and push to enhance the performances of vision systems. Sensor’s requirements are to see 24/7 whatever the weather conditions. Reliability, robustness, and cost are the main camera drivers.

One of the major stakes is also to be able to identify along the road cars and trucks by using license plate recognition.

Photonis offers a wide range of cameras, which provide high sensitivity from low light conditions to the dark night. Based on image intensifier tube coupled with a low light CMOS sensor, this device brings high image quality in a small form factor (Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)).

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