Ensure a 24/7 surveillance in day/night conditions to protect your assets

Photonis offers a variety of solutions to address the security and surveillance needs of today’s most critical scenarios.

As world tension increases, the need of security and surveillance has become a major stake for nation states and industrial companies a like. Surveillance is a key requirement for critical infrastructure, search and rescue, law enforcement, maritime traffic control and border security. Whichever the weather conditions, surveillance systems need to work 24/7 without compromising image quality.

Photonis leads the industry through its innovation in low-light imaging products: a wide variety of imaging products with high resolution, high frame rates and a wide variety of interfaces and options.

Whether the application requires a high-performance imaging system for long-range surveillance or a handheld device for closer monitoring, Photonis has the right solution for you.


Police - law enforcement

Protect populations and territories with enhanced vision systems

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Borders & infrastructures surveillance

Improve safety and security of critical sites

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Maritime surveillance

Navigate safer thanks to a better visibility even in night conditions

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Search and Rescue

Gain critical seconds when a life is at stake

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Traffic management

Furthering progress and innovation in traffic management

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