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Enhanced performance & space qualified detector

Whether it concerns space missions or ground based research, space agencies require from their suppliers the most advanced technologies with an unrivaled level of performances. Space qualification is one of the most demanding requirement in term of reliability and robustness. 

Whatever the  type of mission as the launch of satellites around the earth or the study of other planets, asteroids, comets within or beyond the solar system, Photonis' support to the exploration missions in space or for ground based stations is unparalleled.

Photonis has a long-term partnership with industry leaders, researchers around the world and space agencies like NASA and ESA. Thanks, this partnership, Photonis succeeded to create innovative custom solutions to enhanced performance in space qualified detectors. Photonis innovative solutions enable to focus or collimate X-rays, identify compositions of asteroids and planetary atmospheres.

Photonis technology support partners and researchers in observation behaviors of weather, solar winds and auroras, categorize solar flares and discover distant planets, gamma ray bursts, black holes, and galaxies.

Nowadays, Photonis is also putting its expertise at the service of the New Space industry by supporting engineering teams in the design, launch and exploration of Cubesats.

Photonis has many space references BEPI-COLOMBO (MOM-C), ASTRO-H, IBEX, CHANDRA, CHIPS, FUSE, Hubble COS, ROSETTA, EUVE, ULYSSES, HUT, SAOGBO and many others and is on board !

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