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Scientific Research

Photonis is a key partner for researchers in experimental physics. We are one of the global leaders offering a very wide range of detectors for charged and neutral particles. Our photo-sensors cover a large part of the spectrum with custom adapted high sensitivities and resolution parameters that can help solve challenging problems for your specific research project. We offer sensors and detectors for almost all physics and analytical research, both for detection and imaging applications, measuring electrons & ions, neutrons & gammas, Cherenkov photons, fluorescence and scintillation light, and laser & plasma emission, for example. Read more about Scientific Research.

Space Exploration

For decades, Photonis has been an essential development partner in providing innovative solutions for space applications. Photonis' support of the exploration missions in space is unparalleled. We have partnered with industry leaders, researchers and space agencies around the world to create innovative custom solutions to focus or collimate X-rays, identify compositions of asteroids and planetary atmospheres, observe behaviours of weather, solar winds and auroras, categorise solar flares and discover distant planets, gamma ray bursts, black holes, and galaxies. Read more about Space Exploration


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Are you looking for a specification sheet or paper? Documents like these and more are available in the Photonis Resource Center. 

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