Nuclear Research Reactors

Nuclear Research Reactors

Adaptation & Development is the DNA of Photonis Nuclear Instrumentation.

From engineering support for initial reactor design to equipment qualification and prototyping, we offer a whole variety of solutions to suit customer needs.

Photonis Nuclear Instrumentation seeks to provide high-tech and high-performance detectors that are always on the cutting edge of innovation.

Photonis Nuclear Research Reactors - CEA

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We design and manufacture detectors for safer research reactors in France and worldwide.

More than a detectors producer, we are a key player in driving innovation in the research field, notably by partnering with the CEA and TechnicAtome in France, thereby contributing to a more secure nuclear industry.

We are proud to provide every CEA French research reactor, particularly in the Cadarache area.

Jules Horowitz Research Reactor - Photonis - CEA

Jules Horowitz Research Reactor

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We work with European and International research reactors and also provide different types of design facilities, such as pool type, TRIGA, etc.

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