Material analysis

Material analysis

Detect and analyze unknown inert compounds

The need of being able to detect, identify and analyze unknown inert compounds remains a challenge for analytical companies and laboratories.

In order to succeed and to identify specific molecules based on their weight, research labs, hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies have been using the latest and up-to-date mass spectrometry techniques. 

Photonis offers highly sensitive and accurate detectors that can be set up in different types of mass spectrometers : Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS), Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) and Residual Gas Analysis (RGA).

Photonis ions and electrons detectors are custom design engineered for most of the world’s mass spectrometers. According to customer needs, Photonis provides detectors with superior sensitivity, a wider range of spatial or temporal resolution, and the ability to detect both positive and negative ions.

Photonis has a strong track record in mass spectrometry, offering proven technology with high level of reliability. 

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