Live your passion at night and enjoy a clear image in any dark environment.

Hunting at dusk or at night requires a clear observation of the surroundings. Using enhanced optical sight is more and more demanding, opening the way of using professional devices, initially developed for defense and law enforcement or defense tactical applications offering proven operational performance for any environment.

Most hunters prefer thermal to see beyond brush until they realize they cannot determine a clear image of the thermal views and will easily want to add in night vision for this reason to have all needs covered while searching for prey and hunting with accuracy.

Photonis ECHO image intensifier tube has a high Figure of Merit (FOM) and fast Auto-Gating which provides both sharp images and fast response time for superior detection. 
In addition, Photonis offers a thermal camera with high sensitivity and resolution, optimised to deliver high image quality in a small form factor, called SWaP: Size, Weight and Power.

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