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In firefighting, lives are often at stake: Victims trapped in the building risk hypoxia. They might even lie unconscious on the floor and need to be quickly localized and extracted  by rescuers. From the perspective of the firefighter, they  must promptly evaluate the surrounding dangers, i.e. risk of collapse of a structure, of potential explosion of an appliance… to handle the disaster and make their way.

They altogether face the challenge to carefully progress in heavy and/or toxic smoke, to localize victims or sources of fire and fight…
Even once a furnace is out, treating hot points is key to prevent re-kindling of the fire.

For each of these concerns, thermal cameras can help fighters to take the right decision, saving time, and ultimately saving lives.

Photonis designs and manufactures innovative imaging and detection solutions for most critical scenarios such as of fire  emergencies within gas and oil facilities or computing infrastructure.

Photonis thermal cameras  not only serve the classical handheld cameras, but can also be embedded in  (helmet/jacket) wearable cameras, providing valuable real-time sight to the firefighter as well as to the operation command. The challenge of image quality vs rapid operating temperature drift is handled by Photonis outstanding shutterless function.

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