Photonis Defense market


Take a tactical advantage over the enemy even in the darkest nights

Photonis part of Exosens, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of image intensifier tubes. With over 85 years of experience, Photonis strives to produce innovative night vision through cutting-edge technology, to meet the needs of night vision military people in any condition.

Photonis 4G+ technology offers operators excellent image quality and clear contrast in low light conditions as well as an ever-increasing performance in tactical missions by faster detection of targets.

With such advanced technology, Photonis enables soldiers’ tactical situational awareness, agility and mobility, targeting capabilities and/or driving abilities during even the darkest night.

In the electronic warfare field, Photonis products enable some of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated electronic warfare jammers, missile systems and weapon-system simulators as well as military- and commercial-satellite data communications devices. Photonis team develops and manufactures the highest quality, hybrid power amplifiers, combining both vacuum electron and solid-state technologies upholding our reputation to hold superior performance and innovative solutions that enable the world’s most powerful electronic countermeasure systems. 

Photonis Night vision image intensifier tubes

Soldiers' portable equipment

Be the first to see and get strategic advantage with advanced night vision technologies

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Armored vehicles and platform sights

Integrate Photonis digital imaging cameras for night and day operations

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Defense communication

Electronic warfare

First provider of high power microwave amplifiers

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