Atmospheric Analysis

Atmospheric Analysis

Photonis products have analyzed the composition of the atmosphere not only of Earth, but also all other planets and dwarf planets in our universe, along with some of their moons. Our products can identify charged particles and gas in planetary atmospheres to identify the presence of composite elements, water, or ice. Additionally, our products have assisted in the study of magnetospheric measurement and ozone layer mapping. Photonis’ robust, long-life products continue to perform long after the completion of the initial mission, including Cassini, Galileo and Rosetta.

Some notable missions (and the instruments) that included Photonis products:
Cluster 2 (RAPID, PEACE), STEREO, JADE, New Horizons (ALICE-P and PEPSSI), ROSETTA (ALICE-R), MAVEN (NGIMS and SWEA), Cassini (Huygens probe), Galileo, AMPTE, FREJHA

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