photonis  Low Light Detection & Imaging Cameras

Armored vehicles and platform sights

Integrate Photonis digital imaging cameras for night and day operations

Battlefield operations evolution is driven by better situational awareness and connectivity requirements.In this framework, demand for digital equipment is growing. Photonis provides several advanced low light imaging solutions like CMOS cameras, intensified cameras, thermal cameras or even SWIR cameras to help users have the clearest vision in all lighting or environmental conditions, from full daylight to the darkest night.

Mastering intensifiers’ technologies and advanced electronics, Photonis has developed a wide variety of intensified cameras with ultra-high sensitivity and zero-latency to support fast moving applications.

Our devices are optimized in Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) and are ideal for Driver’s Vision Enhancement (DVE), reconnaissance UAVs and gimbals.

Providing enhanced image quality and easy to integrate into complex systems, they contribute to improve the detection, recognition and identification (DRI) performances.

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