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Application note

Application Guide for Forced-Air Cooling

TP-117 Power Tube Application Note: Handling and Operating Considerations When Using Broadcast-Type Tetrodes

Application note

Application Guide for Screen-Grid

TP-122 Power Tube Application Note: Screen-Grid Current, Loading, and Bleeder Considerations


AREVA Confirmation

Neutron and Gamma detectors - AREVA Confirmation



Neutron and Gamma detectors AREVA Label


Innovative Technologies in Resistive Glass for Efficient Ion Transport

PHOTONIS Resistive Glass specialty tubes and plates are designed to control the velocity of ions by generating a uniform electric field. PHOTONIS provides a number of products that use Resistive Glass to improve the efficiency of an analytical instrument.


What is Night Vision?

Night vision enables to operate safely in night and low light conditions. Owning the best night vision equipment on the market will not always provide the best images. Only quality Image Intensifier Tubes (I2Ts) can provide the best night vision images. That’s why it is important, not only to choose a good quality night vision goggle, but to equip it with the best possible Image Intensifier.



Auto-Gatin (ATG) function was designed to improve the BSP feature to be faster and to keep the best resolution and contrast at all times. It is particularly suitable for Aviator’s Night Vision goggles, operations in urban areas or for special operations...