Reflectron Lens

The reflectron lens offers a simpler solution to the stacked ring reflectron lens while not sacrificing the segmented ion flow. This unique plug-and-play tube is designed to control positive or negative ion flow for Time of Flight Mass Spectrometers.

Single Piece Construction
Excellent Linearity
Segmented for Dynamic Electric Fields
Easy Cleaning
No Voltage Divider Required

Technical information

Options Specification Range
Length Up to 254mm (10”) total length in a single monolithic tube
Inner Diameter Up to 63.5mm (2.5”) ID
Outer Diameter Up to 75mm (3.0”) OD
Resistance Range 50 MO to 10 GO
Internal Pattern Circles or Axial Lines
Line width 0.5mm minimum
Ink Highly conductive (0.07O) silver (Ag) ink
Vias Placement per customer specification
Customization Special sizes and configurations available
Cleaning Water, Acetone, Methanol or IPA without performance degradation



Single piece reflectron lens simplifies cleaning

A reflectron lens made with Resistive Glass provides a solid single-piece assembly replacement for a stacked ring assembly while still providing the ability to control or alter ion flow. Photonis’ patented Resistive Glass technology gives our reflectron lens the ability to produce excellent linearity and improve overall instrument performance. Because of their simplified design, Photonis’ reflectron lenses are easier to clean and maintain, therefore offering significant improvement over traditional assemblies.

Learning highlight

reflection learning picture




Photonis designed the reflectron lens to be a significant improvement over the stacked ring assemblies used in Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry. In a direct comparison, the Resistive Glass reflectron provided equal or better performance in an orthogonal TOF system than a traditional stacked ring reflectron, as demonstrated in Figure.

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How  does a reflectron lens works?

Reflectron Lens

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