Microwave Power Modules

Microwave Power Modules

Photonis offers Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) to meet the power, bandwidth and spectral purity requirements of many state-of-the-art microwave systems. Microwave Power modules integrate a solid-state high voltage power supply (HVPS) and a Mini or Micro TWT into a compact, lightweight unit that can provide over 200 Watts of wide-band microwave amplification for portable sea, land, or air applications. Other designs can be integrated to support specific linearity requirements. The low noise performance of the solid-state MMIC combined with the high efficiency TWT creates an extremely compact and efficient amplifier. The low SWaP MPM is ideally suited to airborne applications where volume, weight, and prime power are at a premium. Our MPMs are typically used for electronic countermeasures, point-to-point and SatCom data links, and compact laboratory amplifiers.

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