Optical Receiver Module

Photonis' Optical Receiver is an ultra-fast PMT-based receiver for optical communications that offers a wide 12mm receptor area, while processing speeds to 2GHz.

High Speed, < 250 pS rise time
Large 12 mm active input diameter
Low power, high voltage supply
Flexible, modular configuration

Technical information

Photocathode Type K Cs Sb
Wavelength of Maximum Response 390 nm
Multiplier Structure Circular cage
Physical Characteristics
Spectral Response 300 to 600 nm
Wavelength of Maximum Response 390 nm
Active Area 22 mm (12 mm for best time response)
Dynode Number 5 stage Sb
Output Connector SMA male
Electrical Characteristics
Supply Voltage +5 volts +/- 0.5 volts
Supply Current 50 mA maximum
Gain 36000 nominal
Rise Time < 350 pS
Full width at half max <470 pS
Maximum Ratings
Operating Temperature +5 to +50 C
Storage Temperature -20 to +50 C



This five-stage receiver supports wavelengths in the green-blue range, making them ideal for line-of-sight communications, underwater detection and, when under vacuum, in analytical instruments.

Its unique combination of low power consumption, high communication data rates and large optical receiver ensure continued operation and reliability. An SMA connector is provided for simple integration into new or existing systems.

Did you know?

The Optical Receiver was a 2011 Prism Award Winner for Photonic innovation in the category of Information and Communication.  It was lauded for being 3-5 times faster than other similar products with a larger collection area to increase communications reliability. 
Read more: https://spie.org/membership/spie-professional-magazine/archives/2011april-archive/prism-awards-2010-honoring-photonics-innovators

Optical Receiver Module



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