Analog Video Output: User-selectable NTSC/ PAL. The Nocturn MD Camera is powered by the Lynx CMOS imaging sensor, optimised for low light level imaging.

Day to Low light detection
High frame rate, no latency
Optimized for mobility applications
Mini display included

Technical information

Camera Specifications
Sensor Resolution 1280 x 1024 Pixels
Sensor Pixel Pitch 9.7 µm x 9.7 µm
Sensor Well Capacity > 25000 e-
Sensor Dynamic Range > 60 dB
Sensor Read Noise < 4e- median at 60 Hz
Sensor Quantum Efficiency > 80% at 650 nm
Frame Rate Adjustable up to 60 Hz
Sensor Image Lag < 0.1%
Sensor Shutter Mode Rolling

With its 9.7μm×9.7μm pixel pitch and 4e- median read noise, the Nocturn provides unsurpassed signal to noise at low light with video rates up to 60 frames per second. Built on Photonis expertise in night vision imaging, the Nocturn electronics incorporates a multitude of functions to enhance the low light level performance. The Nocturn MD features automatic gain control (AGC), automatic exposure control (AEC), non-uniformity correction (NUC), on board image capture and advanced image enhancement, allowing the Nocturn to provide continuous situational awareness without  compromising mobility and SWaP.


The Nocturn MD imaging core is a rugged low light imaging core that features high definition resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range with low power consumption.
Powered by Photonis’ 1 inch optical format 1280×1024 pixels Lynx CMOS sensor and Microoled 1746×1000 pixels black and white monochrome micro-display, the Nocturn provides real-time imaging capabilities (from daylight to one quarter moon scene illumination) in the visible and near infrared spectrum. Its small size, weight and power (SwaP) make this core module ideal for integration into mobile and hand-held surveillance systems.


  • Ideal for 24/7 operations
  • Less than 4e-read-out noise
  • 860 nm and 1064 nm laser line detection
  • 1.3 Mpx
  • 100 fps
  • Digital zoom up to 8x 
Low Light Camera Photonis NOCTURN MD

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