MCP-based detectors

APD Group

Photonis Advanced Performance Detectors (APDs) are plug-and-play electo-optic assemblies which provide a complete housing, facilitating manufacturing assembly, repair or replacement to mass spectrometers and other machines.

High speed
High performance
Bakeable to 300°C
High gain - low noise
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Technical information

Miniature APD models

Type Microchannel Plate Maximum
Voltage (VDC)
Temperature Range
Diameter (mm)
QUANTUM™ SUB-MINIATURE APD Long-Life™ Extended Dynamic Range MCP 1000 -50 to 100 5.5
MICROTRON™ MINIATURE APD Two (as a Chevron) Long-Life™ Extended Dynamic Range MCP 2000 -50 to 100 14.2

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Photonis Advanced Performance Detectors (APDs) satisfy applications ranging from mass spectrometry to UV and X-ray astronomy. Most of these detector assemblies are designed for use in ultra-high vacuum systems and the 300°C temperatures reached during chamber cleaning, therefore saving time that would otherwise be required to remove the detector. Readout schemes - including photodiode array, phosphor screen, CCD camera, or direct electrical signal - are available.

Each of our Advanced Performance Detectors (APDs) is equipped with one of our LongLife™ or MountingPad™microchannel plates. MCPs range in size from 4 to 120mm and can be designed in many different shapes to fit into the APD.

Mounting options include conflat and metric flanges, front-, rear- or side-mountable, feed-throughs, keyed hardware and SMA connectors.

Other customization options include center hole, center tab, grid, metal (or multi metal) anode, resistive anode encoder, phosphor screen, and the option for a CMOS camera being mounted to the APD itself. Advanced Performance Detectors are used in some the world’s fastest Time-of-Flight detectors, in physics research experiments and on space missions. They are known to provide maximum sensitivity to enable detection of very low levels of photons, electrons, or ions. With Photonis’ APDs, you will be the first to discover.

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Our series of miniature APDs are designed to easily retroactively fit instruments or can be ordered as part of a new instrument.


Advanced Performance Detectors

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