Ion Beam Profiler

The Photonis Ion Beam Profiler couples a Photonis Advanced Performance Detector with an integrated Nocturn CMOS low light camera. The camera provides a monochrome image output with high resolution for analysis of charged particles.

Low-light CMOS camera
Large, customizable microchannel plate
Simple acquisition of analog or digital images
Immediate feedback of ion loss and optimization

Technical information

Physical Characteristics of MCPs Specifications
Quality Diameters Available 25, 40, 75, 100 mm
Center-to-Center Spacings Available 6, 12, 32 µm Nominal
Electrical Characteristics of Detector Specifications
Electron Gain @ 2400 Volts Maximum 1 x 107 Minimum
Bias Current Range @ 2400 Volts 20-199 Microamps (For Reference Only)
Resistance 12-120 Megohms
CMOS Camera and Frame Grabber Specifications
CMOS Camera Nocturn XL Monochrome
CMOS Sensor pixel size 9.7 x 9.7 µm
Pixels (H X V) 1280 x 1024



Align and Focus your ion beam in real time

The new Photonis Ion Beam Profiler can visualize the location of any charged particle (ion, electron, UV, photon or soft X-Ray), enabling the instrument designer to ensure all available signal ions are collected. The unit can capture images from the phosphor screen at up to 100 frames per second and store them on a PC for collaboration and comparison testing. A strobe trigger is available to synchronize the camera to a specific event.

The Photonis Advanced Performance Detector which accompanies the camera can be configured by specifying a specific microchannel plate from 18 to 120mm, depending on the application to be captured. The MCP is then housed in the Advanced Performance Detector and paired with the Nocturn CMOS low light camera to form a complete turnkey system which is ideal for ion beam profiling.

The microchannel plate will be specified at time of order depending on the application. The Nocturn CMOS camera can output SXGA (1280x1024) resolution images in NTSC, PAL, or CameraLink compatible formats, as well as Gigabit Ethernet or USB3 for live video or still capture of beam characterization images.

Digitally characterizing an ion beam for real-time profiling:





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