High Collection Efficiency MCPs

The High Collection Efficiency (Hi-CE) MCPs from Photonis offer maximum gain in order to improve the collection efficiency of our MCPs.

High sensitivity
High collection efficiency
Low noise
Long life
Wide variety of formats

Technical information

Optimizing Collection Efficiency: Hi-CE MCPs

Figure 1 and Figure 2 show typical Pulse Height Distribution (PHD) of Photonis MCP-PMTs made with both reference MCPs (Fig.1) and Hi-CE MCPs (Fig.2). It illustrates a direct characterisation of the Collection Efficiency (CE), given at the bottom right of each figure, as the ratio of the electron pulses collected at the anode to the number of photoelectrons extracted from the photocathode. The Hi-CE MCPs exhibit a CE close to 1 which is an improvement of almost a factor 2 compare to the Ref MCPs.




These specialized MCPs are available in a variety of photon detectors, including image intensifier tubes, MCP-PMTs and the Planacon detector.

Photonis has been manufacturing custom microchannel plates for over 40 years. With the recent innovation in collection efficient of our MCPs, we have been able to increase collection efficiency to 90%, compared to the 50-60% available with traditional MCPs. This increase in collection efficiency ensures that your analysis will be that much more accurate.
For applications where sub-nanosecond timing is not required, Hi-CE MCPs are ideal. Hi-CE MCPS are available in many of our existing photon detectors, including image intensifier tubes, MCP-PMTs, Planacon detectors, and even the Imaging Photon Counter.

Learning Highlight

High collection efficiency MCPs for photon counting detectors.

Hi-CE MCPs were tested using MCP-PMTs from Photonis. These Hi-CE MCPs were able to collect 90% of photoelectrons from the source, whereas traditional MCPs typically collect only about 50%. Hi-CE MCPs are particularly useful in applications where sub-nanosecond time resolution is not required. Implementing Hi-CE MCPs from Photonis can improve detection efficiency by almost a factor of two.

Interested in learning more about Photonis’ research regarding high collection efficiency MCPs? 
Download the full paper from JINST: http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-0221/13/01/C01047/pdf



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