Fiber Optic Light Guides

Flexible Light Guides transmit light through glass optical fibers and offer unique solutions to long standing design problems.

Wide range of options and configurations
Custom design capability
Superior quality
Flexible and robust
Resistant to corrosive or high voltage environments

Technical information

Specialized Fibers
Tested at 25kV at 1x10‐9 amperes/4 inches, these light guides can be used for the firing of thyristor circuitry for industrial monitoring in high voltage environments. A wide range of sheathing and end tips are available.


Custom Design Capability
Our specialized glass melting and processing facilities, together with world class specialists, can customize optical characteristics such as numerical aperture and attenuation while maximizing wavelength efficiency.



Medical instrument designers of in-body detection solutions will appreciate the flexibility and robust construction of Photonis' Flexible Fiber Optic Light Guides. A single strand is flexible enough to wind around a finger without breaking, yet can transmit light to the equivalent of a f/0.57 lens. Ideal for thrombosis, endoscopy and other small area imaging applications, these light guides can be made with a wide range of jacket materials and connectors to mate to any common illuminator.  These guides can be sent through complex pathways, and can be used in corrosive, hazardous and high-voltage environments without damage.  These guides are also ideal for reduced weight applications to provide small-fiber lighting, including vehicle, space and aviation instrumentation.

Fiber Optic Lighting solutions from Photonis can withstand temperatures to 250°C. Several fiber types are available, with fiber sizes as small as 10 microns. We can tailor optical characteristics such as numerical aperture and attenuation, while maximizing wavelength efficiency.  Sheathing options include latex, PVC munocoil, PVC, silicon, stainless stripwound or a custom material you specify. Our application engineers can assist you with choosing the right fiber composite for your desired wavelength, including UV, Visible and IR. put, giving a visual representation of the radiation pattern.

Fiber Optic Light Guides



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