Intensified cameras


Intensified Cameras (iCameras), extract the very best from CMOS sensor and image intensifier technologies resulting in an ultra-sensitive camera for scientific, industrial and defense markets. These cameras are very sensitive to detect and generate clear images from deep UV to NIR spectrum.

The cameras are equipped with a high-resolution sensor with high frame rate for excellent quality of image production, which is well‐suited to detect high speed moving objects or ultra-fast phenomenon.

The mechanical architecture of the iCamera is small, compact and light-weight, especially designed for easy integration into any system.

The iCamera features an exceptional sensitivity based on high QE image intensifier - ultra-fast gating technology down to a few nanoseconds, which allows it to be coupled with a laser source to perform high fidelity active imaging.

Thanks to the Smart Tube Management, the iCamera range of cameras produce high quality images and videos optimizing the ability to perform single photon detection, with a low read-out noise reached without additional cooling.

Photonis offers both iCameras for demanding OEMs/integrators who seek an ultra-sensitive imaging solution for their current system and for end-users in industrial and scientific community taking advantage of plug & play feature.