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Built in partnership with Rochester Precision Optics, The CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD) is a versatile digital high definition sight that enables its operator to see in the day (bright sunlight) as well as low light (night) with high contrast and high resolution.

Handheld clip-on or stand-alone weapon sight
24/7 High definition digital sight
In operation by US ARMY
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Technical information

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Sensor Lynx CMOS
Format HD (picture and video mode)
Light Sensitivity Approx. Quarter Moon
Spectral Range 500 nm - 1080 nm
Frame Rate Up to 60 Hz with full field resolution
Optical performance
Field of view 22.6°
Focal Length 40 mm
F/# 1.2
Focus Medium to long range
Magnification 1x unity
Digital zoom 2x, 4x, 6x



Versatile Digital Day and Night Observation.

Built in partnership with Rochester Precision Optics, the CNOD provides two functions in a single device at the fraction of the cost of similar systems currently on the market.

Use as clip-on or stand alone weapon sight for 24/7 high definition operation, the CMOS Night Observation Device enables militaries around the world, including the US Army, to expose the hidden detail in any environment. 

CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD)



CNOD - Brochure(453.21 KB)

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