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QUANTUM™ Sub-Miniature APD


Photonis designed the QuantumTM Advanced Performance Detector (APD) to provide the highest level of sensitivity while taking into consideration size constraints. Our QuantumTM APDs are ideal for hand-held and miniature sensing equipment.
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Our Quantum™ APDs are manufactured with a sub-miniature microchannel plate equipped with our exclusive Extended Dynamic Range option, providing the entire instrument with greater sensitivity. QuantumTM APDs can operate at 100˚C and non-operational vacuum baking to 300˚C. This high temperature allows the detector to work in shorter chamber degassing cycles and ultra-quiet instrument operation.
The Quantum™ APD is less than 9mm in diameter and can withstand pressure up to 6 mTorr, making it ideal for instruments which require a tiny detector that is able to withstand the environmental conditions. Although it is very small, this detector provides all the sensitivity of a full size APD. As the manufacturer, Photonis will work you to determine the exact detector you need to ensure your analysis is as accurate as possible.
If you are looking for a replacement detector, download our OEM Replacement Guide. Our series of miniature APDs are designed to easily retroactively fit instruments or can be ordered as part of a new instrument.


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As more small, portable mass spectrometers enter the market it is critical that the detectors within these instruments perform as efficiently as possible. Our QuantumTM APDs were designed to fit into these systems and provide greater sensitivity than any other detector.

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